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For the first time ever, you can wipe out termites where they live. Your weapon – the innovative Sentricon* Termite Colony Elimination System from Dow AgroSciences. The Sentricon System eliminates subterranean termite colonies, while being nondestructive to property owners and tenants. It also provides proven, long-term protection against termite damage.

  • The Sentricon System takes advantage of natural termite behavior. Worker termites constantly forage far and wide, looking for wood to feed their colony. When they find food, like the bait device in a Sentricon station. they leave special scent trails to summon their nest mates to the food source.
  • Sentricon is supported by research from 30 independent universities, including the University of Kentucky and the Ohio State University. Sentricon was the Winner of the 2000 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.
  • Sentricon has been found to be the best and safest method to eliminate termite colonies. It is the most effective, least disruptive, and environmentally friendly way to eliminate termites.
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