Every Year In The United States:

  • More Than 5 Million Homes Discover Some Type Of Termite Problem.
  • About $5 Billion In Termite-Related Property Damage Is Incurred.
  • Termite Damage Is More Common Than Damage Caused By Storms,Fires And Earthquakes.
  • The Costs Of Termite Damage Rarely Are Covered By Homeowners Insurance.

Around-the-clock eating machine

Eat – It’s what termites do. Termites naturally break down plant and wood material — good news in the forest, bad news in your neighborhood. They tunnel from their underground colony through the soil to any source of cellulose, which they devour from the inside out. You may not even notice termites at work on your home until it’s too late and structural timbers have been severely damaged. Given time, they can collapse a building entirely. In the meantime, they’re also working away at siding, door and window frames, fences, paper, furniture, cloth and books.

How termites have thrived since the days of the dinosaurs

  • Thousands sometimes millions of subterranean termites live in each underground colony.
  • Their caste system includes a queen, king, workers,soldiers and winged reproductives.
  • Worker termites forage randomly and continuously for food, up to 350 feet from the colony, and can thoroughly cover a territory up to half an acre in size.
  • Termites cannot survive exposure to sun and air,but build tubes of mud and saliva to connect their soil trails with food sources.
  • Termites can enter homes through cracks in concrete and openings as small as 1/16 inch.
  • Workers share food with the queen and other colony members —who cannot feed themselves — via regurgitation in a process called trophallaxis.


Did you know that termites do more damage in a year than all of the fires, hurricanes, and storms combined? Click here to schedule an inspection today! Know the difference between an ant and a termite?

The Three Types Of Termites

  • The Worker (1/4 Inch) : Remains hidden inside wood or earth. Resembles a grayish-white ant–except subterranean termite has thick waist and straight antennae. His job is to feed colony; to do his he travels between the ground and wood through tubes.
  • The Soldier (5/16 Inch) : Remains hidden inside wood or earth. Resembles worker, except for longer armored head, with large jaws to ward off enemies. His job is to defend the colony, mainly against ants.
  • The Queen (1/2 Inch) : Young queens swarm to form new colonies. Brownish or black, with a thick waist and 2 pairs of wings, equal in length. Her only duty is to lay eggs.